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Browse this on-line catalog of south pacific art and Native American Art prints.

To order, call Michael's gallery in Bend, Oregon at 541-306-1174, and ask for Peter. We will answer all your questions, take your order, and ship your print out to you.

As always, shipping and handling is free.

South Pacific Art Prints

Michael cassidy has been living and surfing and painting the south pacific for some time.

and his art reflects the waters and the people and the islands.

To see all the special and unique South Pacific Art prints still available to the public, Click Here.


Native American Art Prints

Michael Cassidy has been painting Native American Art for some time....but has never released any part of this collection to the public. It has remained a part of his private collection.

Michael has finally decided to release a limited number of Native American Art prints.

To see the few limited Native American Art prints released to the public, Click Here.


Giclee Prints

A note about our prints and why they are so special.

All the prints shown on this website use the Giclee method of printing, which is a form of fine art printing superior to ordainary inkjet printing used by most gallerys.

to learn more about Giclee printing techniques and why it matters to you, Click Here.

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