It’s difficult to tell exactly when Michael Cassidy decided to become an artist.

It may have been at 12 years old when he watched older artist friends paint a mural on the family fence.

Maybe earlier than that, when he found himself doodling in class, daydreaming of far away places.

More than likely, he never made that decision at all; it may be that it was made for him, in a place beyond our vision by a being that Cassidy credits for all of his success.

Success for Cassidy is not measured in dollars and cents, but in less measurable ways, in working to become what some would call the world’s best representational painter within his genre, in a pass caught by his son, the melodic laugh of his daughter, a joyful smile from Leah, his wife of 15 years, and travel to the many islands he has explored in search of the perfect metaphor for his heavenly home.

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